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جستجوی #Rey

  • Shohada-ye-Shahr-e-Rey Zoorkhaneh

    Pahlevani and zoorkhaneh rituals is the name inscribed by UNESCO for heroic sport or ancient sport, a traditional Iranian system of athletics originally used to train warriors.

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  • Shahre Rey Guest House

    Shahre Rey Guest House is one of the Tehran residential centers located near Shah Abd-ol Azim Holy Shrine.

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  • Reyhan pharmacy

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  • Tower of Silence (Gebri Crypt)

    The Tower of Silence in Rey is where Zoroastrians exposed the corpses of their dead to the sun. This six-meter high structure is made of stone and mortar and dates back to the first millennium BC.

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  • Wall of Rey

    Wall of Rey is a 6,000-year-old structure, which dates back to the Median era (678 -549 BC). Only three kilometers of this defensive wall, which encircled the entire city during the Parthian era (247 BC–224 AD), remains today.

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  • Rey Bazaar

    Rey Bazaar is a smaller version of the Tehran Grand Bazaar located in downtown Y it is about 500 years old and traditionally sold spices, herbs and commercial goods as part of the silk road.

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  • Noor Eye Hospital and Clinic

    Noor Eye Clinic was first established in Tehran in 1993 serving as the first subspecialty ophthalmic clinic and served by providing consultation and referral services for the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic conditions. Since then, it has maintained its excellence in terms of ophthalmic science, practice and technology, and won many achievements.

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  • Shahrvand Chain Store - Shahr- e Rey Branch

    Esfand is one of the Branches of Shahrvand Chain Store, located in the area of Tehran and has good access to public transport.

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  • Tel mohre Yasouj

    Tel mohre Yasouj is one of the ancient artifacts of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, one kilometer east of the village of Yazdgh. Yasuj is one of the hills of prehistory in the province, which belongs to the third and fourth millennium BC.

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  • Isfahan Fereydoon cave

    In 18 kilometers west of the arrows, there is a cave in the mountains of that cave area, which is dug in the tunnel cave by the ancient people, which is difficult to find with modern tools.

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  • Fereydoun Shahr Dvrk waterfall

    Dvrk waterFalls is one of the waterfalls in Isfahan province, located near the village of Doukk, which is located on the postcurve of Fereydoun Shahr, and flies from a tall stone wall to the bottom.

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  • Fereydoun Shahr Ponehzar waterfall

    Poonehzar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Isfahan, located 25 kilometers west of Fereydoun Shahr. The Poonehzar Waterfall in Isfahan is known as the Punehaz Waterfall due to the growth of Puneh in its waterways.

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