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جستجوی #Tehran-Bus-Terminal

  • South Bus Station

    The Southern bus terminal (Terminal-e-jonoob) is well equipped and handles buses head to and from destinations south of Tehran.

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  • West Bus Terminal

    The Western bus terminal (Terminal-e-gharb) is the biggest, busiest and best equipped of Tehran's terminals. Most international buses, as well as those heading to the Caspian Sea region and destinations west of Tehran originate and terminate here..

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  • Beyhaghi Bus Terminal

    The Beihaghi bus terminal (Terminal-e-beihaghi) is located beside Arzhantin Square (Argentina Sq), around 1 km west of the Mossallah metro stop.

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  • East Bus Terminal

    The Eastern bus terminal (Terminal-e-shargh), seven km north-east of Emam Hossein square, handles buses to/from Khorasan province, as well services to the north..

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