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جستجوی #Tehran-Cinema-Complex

  • Azadi Cinema Complex

    Azadi Cinema Complex is a cineplex building located at Beheshti Street in Tehran. It serves for movie premieres and various entertainment events.

    0 دیدگاه 185 بازدید
  • Charsou Cinema Complex

    Charsou Cinema Complex with five Screens Located in center of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 1867 بازدید
  • Mellat Cinema - Gallery Complex

    Mellat Cinema - Gallery Complex contains four theater halls with 280 seats, a cinematheque with 30 seats, and space for holding exhibitions and marketing cultural products.

    0 دیدگاه 220 بازدید
  • Tiraje 2 Cinema Complex

    Tiraje 2 Cinema Complex (also known as Pardise Tiraje) is located in Tiraje 2 commercial center.

    0 دیدگاه 326 بازدید
  • Pardis Gholhak cinema

    Qolhak Cinema or Pardise Qolhak is located in north area of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 249 بازدید
  • Milad Tower Cinema Complex

    Milad Tower Cinema complex is located in Tehran's Milad Tower Area.

    0 دیدگاه 131 بازدید
  • Cinema museum movie Hall

    Cinema museum whit 2 movie Hall is located in north of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 771 بازدید
  • Pardis Shokoofeh Cinema

    Pardis Shokoofeh Cinema is located in Shohada Sq, Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 229 بازدید
  • Kourosh cinema complex

    Kourosh Complex, located in Tehran, Iran, is one of the largest commercial and cultural buildings including the most exceptional cinema complex in the country.

    0 دیدگاه 388 بازدید
  • Kian Cinema Complex

    Kian Cinema Complex ( Also known as Pardis-e Kian Cinema) is located in south of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 141 بازدید
  • Pardis Razi Cinema

    Razi Cinema Complex is located near Razi Sq, Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 300 بازدید
  • Pardis Tamasha Cinema

    Tamasha Cinema complex is located in south of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 251 بازدید
  • Pardis Samarqand cinema

    Samarqand Cinema Complex is located in north of Tehran, Iran.

    0 دیدگاه 132 بازدید
  • Raga Cinema Complex

    Raga Cinema Complex is one of the Tehran's Cinema "Pardis" , located in south of the city.

    0 دیدگاه 3770 بازدید
  • Pardis Zendegi Cinema

    Zendegi Cinema Complex with 5 screens, located in west of Tehran.

    0 دیدگاه 236 بازدید