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جستجوی #Tehran-Restaurant

  • Box Restaurant

    This restaurant offers a selection of French and Italian dishes.

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  • Navid restaurant

    Navid restaurant type kebab and Iranian foods with high quality and favorable volume and price standards may wish to make.This restaurant is one of several venues for the ceremony. This leaves kebab restaurant for a delicious meal is served and good taste.

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  • Tamasha restaurant

    Nice and very decorative bright restaurant with a very wide menu serving you foods from all around the world. all types of cuisines from South America till Local traditional Iranian dishes.

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  • Alborz Restaurant

    Alborz restaurant is rather a classic restaurant and is one of the old restaurants in Tehran which is providing its famous kebabs.

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  • Nayeb Saei Restaurant

    One of the iconic Chelo Kabab restaurants of Tehran and undeniably one of the best- certainly best of all the Nayebs which by default puts it within the Capitals top three.

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  • Narenjestan Restaurant

    Narenjestan Restaurant is a great place with delicious foods, high level service, live music and wonderful atmosphere. It is great for couples for a romantic meal, good for business meetings, and also good for families. Staff are polite and helpful.

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  • Dizi

    Dizi is name of restaurant also the name of a traditional Persian food contains lamb meat, potato and beans cooked with water in small pots.

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  • Shandiz restaurant

    If you want to experience one if the most Yummy persian foods, you need to try special lamb muscles of this restaurant. Which comes with a juicy onion side.

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  • Sharaf-El-Islam restaurant

    This restaurant is located in heart of Tehran Bazar and serves best Iranian traditional food such as kebab and cholomahiche every tourist who came to visit Tehran Bazar must try it

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  • Gilane restaurant

    Gilane restaurant located in Tehran and have delicious locals food.

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  • Nayeb Vozara Restaurant

    A 3 floors restaurant with elevator. Classy designed and good service. its a fine place if you want to invite your friends or family. Price might be a little higher than usual but its because of a reason. Plus, nayeb became sort of a famous brand here.

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  • Monsoon Restaurant

    Monsoon is a high class restaurant located in Gandhi street and the second branch in Jordan street serves high quality suchies and Chinese and all asian foods.

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  • Roka restaurant

    Literally hanging from the cliff above Darband village, Roka has a sort of James Bond feel to it, minus the martinis.

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  • Taj Mahal restaurant

    In the hotel of the same name, the Taj Mahal restaurant has a reputation for serving the best Indian food in Iran. The curries here are mouth-watering and there is a good range of vegetarian options.

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  • Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant & Coffee Shop

    Up in north Tehran, the Ananda is a gem if you are a vegetarian, and delightful even if you are not. It is run in association with the Iranian Society of Vegetarians, so you won’t find any rogue meat here.

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