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جستجوی #Tehran-reastaurant

  • Ararat restaurant

    This 50-years-old restaurant serves steak and seafood. Staff does not speak English but menus are bilingual.

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  • Arous-e Lebanon

    The restaurant offers Authentic Lebanese food prepared by a Lebanese chef. They have a breakfast buffet, in-house bakery and a must try lemon, tamarind and mint drink.

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  • Bam-e Khaneh restaurant

    Bam-e Khane: a rooftop Italian restaurant and cafe in Honarmandan Park with an open buffet that serves various pastas as well as steak. The menu also includes different cuisines from other countries.

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  • Banian Vegetarian restaurant

    This vegetarian restaurant offers a host of vegan dishes and natural drinks. The combo meals, which give patrons a taste of a selection of meals served at the restaurant in small portions, are very popular.

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  • Barbod traditional restaurant

    The exterior of this restaurant promises an unforgettable traditional persian dinning experience. Barbod features beautiful Qajar stained glass and offers a verity of kebabs.

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  • Burgerland

    This burger joint offers a verity of burgers designed for every taste. The portions are generous. This restaurant which offers high quality fast food, is owned by the famous Barobax pop group.

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