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جستجوی #Tower-Tehran

  • Tehran Milad Tower

    Tehran's Milad Tower is a multi-purpose skyscraper located in northwestern Tehran. Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. The head structure of this tower, which has an area of 12000 square meters, is the largest among all towers in the world in terms of area in use.

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  • dolphinarium of Tehran's Milad Tower

    The dolphinarium of Tehran's Milad Tower is the tallest dolphin aquarium in the Middle East.

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  • Azadi Tower

    The Azadi Tower is a monument in Tehran, marking the west entrance to the city, and one of the symbols of the Tehran.

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  • Tughrul Tower

    Tuğrul Tower (also transliterated Toghrul, Tughrol, or Tughrul) is a 12th-century monument. Tuğrul Tower is near Rashkan castle.

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  • Milad Tower Cinema Complex

    Milad Tower Cinema complex is located in Tehran's Milad Tower Area.

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