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جستجوی #boostan

  • Bustan Shopping Mall

    This 7-story retail and office building has an area of 9600 square meters and more than 1,000 units. Over a hundred thousand people visit the spiral-type shopping center daily.

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  • Tabriz Boostan Etesami Tabriz

    Parvin Etesami Park Tabriz is one of the most important urban parks in Tabriz, which is located in a street called Parvin Etesami, a contemporary Iranian poet.

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  • Park Toba Tabriz (Boostan Mafakher)

    Park Toba Tabriz (Boostan Mafakher) is one of the beautiful and literary Gardens of Tabriz which houses the tombs of people such as Bagher Khan and Baghcheh Ban and others.

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