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  • Naderi Café

    Naderi café and hotel is the name of an old café in Tehran. Naderi café is located to the east of Hafez overpass along Naderi (the present-day Jomhouri-e Eslami) Avenue and is topped by a hotel.

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  • Amorino Cafe

    This open café has delicious sorbets, double chocolate cake and a famous detox booster.

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  • Cafe Raees

    One of the most well-known chain cafes in Tehran, Raess caters to different needs of its customers; you can drink your favorite beverage and learn how to make it yourself from Cafe’s staff.

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  • Cafe Romance

    Interconnected rooms with wooden walls covered with paintings and posters, old looking chairs and tables, long sash windows made from colorful glasses and the aroma of coffee and food; Cafe Romance, near Ferdowsi Square in downtown Tehran, is a old renovated Qajari house and decorated in the style of the romantic era.

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