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جستجوی #center

  • Tandis Shopping center

    Tandis shopping mall is one of biggest shopping center in north of Tehran. It has a lot of famous Iranian and foreign brands.

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  • Hyperstar - central branch

    Hyperstar is one of the the Biggest shopping mall in Tehran. This is an iranian version of Carrefour. You can find all you need here with best price.

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  • Golestan Mall

    Golestan Mall offers a variety of candies and nuts, traditional foods, crafts, rugs, carpets, jewelry and watches, cosmetics, sporting goods and appliances.

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  • Ghaem Mall

    This mall has 6 floors and over 700 business units, 4 metal and glass elevators and escalators, 3 sets of stairs and 8 entrances

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  • Bustan Shopping Mall

    This 7-story retail and office building has an area of 9600 square meters and more than 1,000 units. Over a hundred thousand people visit the spiral-type shopping center daily.

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  • Donyaye Noor Shopping Mall

    This shopping complex covers an area of 1791 square meters and is the largest shopping center in east Tehran.

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  • Khorshid-e-Khavaran SHopping Center

    Khorshid-e-Khavarn Shopping Center is a great place to shop for electronics, men, women and children’s clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, perfume and cologne.

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  • Etminan Mall

    The large Etminan Mall has 8,000 square meters, 200 commercial units on five floors.

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  • Milad e Nour Commercial Center

    Milad e Nour shopping mall is considered as one of the biggest commercial centers of the Capital.

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  • Tiraje Shopping Mall

    Tiraje is one of the modern and equipped shopping mall in Tehran. It includes 3 commercial floors, one floor dedicating to an amusement park, and 3- floor parking.

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  • Zafaranieh Plaza

    Zafaranieh Plaza Commercial Complex, with the area amounted to 11000 square meters is constructed in five story-basement and three floors

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  • Zomorod Shopping Mall

    Zomorod shopping mall with the area of 2500 m2 and 90 stores is a small shopping Center in the south of Tehran and now provides service to its customers.

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  • Tehran Heart Center

    Tehran Heart Center dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of coronary and heart diseases with 440 beds, was officially inaugurated in 2001.

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  • Tiraje 2 Cinema Complex

    Tiraje 2 Cinema Complex (also known as Pardise Tiraje) is located in Tiraje 2 commercial center.

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  • Humanities Thinkers Center

    Humanities Thinkers Center is an organization that focusing on thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints of Iranian researchers and scholars in different fields of human sciences.

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