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جستجوی #history

  • Golestan Palace

    Golestan palace is in the heart of Tehran Between Imam Khomeini Sq and the bazaar and its made up several grand buildings set around a carefully manicured garde.

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  • The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History

    The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History is the first medical museum established in Iran by a joint project between the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

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  • The History Museum

    Items displayed in the History Museum pertain to the contemporary history of Iran (the last 200 years) and include dishes and personal belongings of Nasereddin Shah, Kamal-Almolk, etc.

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  • The museum of Tarikh-e Tabi'ei Isfahan (the museum of natural history of Isfahan):

    This museum includes the Timurid Hall with the ancient monuments of the Timurid Era. The museum has been provided by the municipality of Isfahan, and most of its works has been gathered through 50 years from all over the country and even many foreign countries at a personal expense.

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