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جستجوی #protected

  • Moghan Protected Area

    Moghan Protected Area in the Southwest of Aslandoz district of Pars Abad city and west of Gheshlagh Dashte section of the city of Bileh Sardar, is located in northern Ardebil province.

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  • Alborz_e Markazi protected area

    Covering extents of Tehran and Mazandaran province, this 398853 ha region was designated protected area in 1976 thanks to its high biodiversity, various biomes and eye-catching landscapes.

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  • Jajrud protected area

    Jajrud protected area Located on southern slope Alborz Mountain range in Tehran Province, This 55118 ha area was designated protected area in 1982. the jajrud river flows in this mountainous rolling land whereas the Rudehen river forms the eastern border of the area.

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  • Sefidab waterfall

    Sefidab (Qoo) Waterfall is located in Lar protected area, Iran.

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  • Varjin protected area

    Varjin protected area Located on southern of central Alborz mountains adjacent to Tehran. The altitude range of 1700-3900 m, and mean annual perception and temperature of 700 mm and 5° C, respectively have resulted in warm Mediterranean and temperate sub-humid climate.

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  • Dena Strong Protected Area

    : Dena Protected Area with an area of 92,967 hectares is one of the natural attractions of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed; this area is a completely mountainous area with a height of 3,000 meters in height of the highest and lowest points in the area. . It has no high peaks, huge walls and deep valleys.

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  • Tangol Salt Protected Area

    Tang-Sulak Protected Area is another natural attraction of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad. There are six permanent springs and two seasonal springs in this area

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  • A protected region Anjrk and rober, Kerman

    Anjar and Rabar protected hunting area is located in Kerman province. The hunting area of Anjar Rabbat was selected and protected in 1366. The highest peak of this region is 2809 meters high

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  • Protected area of Kerman province

    Protected area of Bidoyi province of Kerman province with an area of 168033 hectares; since 1996 it has been known as one of the protected areas of Kerman.

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  • Protected area of copper

    Protected area of copper is located 205 kilometers southeast of the provincial capital and 20 kilometers south of Bam city and covers an area of 45800 hectares.

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  • Protected area of Jupar Mountain

    Jupar protected area is located south of Kerman city and is considered as the natural attraction of this province. The protected area of Mount Jupar flows north to Mahan and Jupar cities, west to Bahramjard village and southwest to Kerman Bam Railway.

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  • Protected area of Karaj River

    Karaj protected river is a supplier of Tehran's drinking water, agricultural water of neighboring areas and source of electricity supply in the country. It has a hydrological structure and potentially biological potential due to its structure and its hydrological features.

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  • Zarin Mountain Taleghan protected area

    Zarin-kuh area is located in Taleghan area, which has been protected as protected areas by Decree No. 360 of the High Council of the Environment. It has many plant and animal species, as well as a magnificent landscape and landscape.

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  • Protected area of the Chalous River Alborz

    The protected area of the Chalous River flows from the Alborz slopes to the Kandovan Mountains and after passing more than 85 kilometers into the Caspian Sea.

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  • Parvar protected area

    Parvar protected area located in Semnan province and a small part in Mazandaran province.

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