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جستجوی #restaurant

  • Box Restaurant

    This restaurant offers a selection of French and Italian dishes.

    0 دیدگاه 727 بازدید
  • Beirut Restaurant

    This tiny Lebanese restaurant offers delicious Shawarmas and natural drinks. All spices and sauces used are Lebanese.

    0 دیدگاه 948 بازدید
  • Bistro Restaurant

    This restaurant serves a variety of Italian and international dishes.

    0 دیدگاه 1410 بازدید
  • Bouno Restaurant

    This restaurant is a bistro with three branches in Tehran and one in Mashhad. The restaurant has tasty pizzas and sandwiches as well as great steaks and grilled fish.

    0 دیدگاه 594 بازدید
  • Boof restaurant - Golestan Branch

    Boof offers a western-style fast food experience in its branches throughout Tehran .

    0 دیدگاه 403 بازدید
  • Boca Restaurant

    This Italian restaurant is famous for its Italian burger and claims to have the best pesto sauce in Tehran. The restaurant offers a refreshing lemon drink and good pasta.

    0 دیدگاه 582 بازدید
  • Navid restaurant

    Navid restaurant type kebab and Iranian foods with high quality and favorable volume and price standards may wish to make.This restaurant is one of several venues for the ceremony. This leaves kebab restaurant for a delicious meal is served and good taste.

    0 دیدگاه 1162 بازدید
  • Boof restaurant - Qolhak Branch

    Boof offers a western-style fast food experience in its branches throughout Tehran .

    0 دیدگاه 203 بازدید
  • Tamasha restaurant

    Nice and very decorative bright restaurant with a very wide menu serving you foods from all around the world. all types of cuisines from South America till Local traditional Iranian dishes.

    0 دیدگاه 158 بازدید
  • Alborz Restaurant

    Alborz restaurant is rather a classic restaurant and is one of the old restaurants in Tehran which is providing its famous kebabs.

    0 دیدگاه 853 بازدید
  • Boof Restaurant - Piroozi branch

    Boof restaurant with burger، Italian sandwich، seafood، grillfood، fast food، beverages، pasta، pizza is in service of customers.

    0 دیدگاه 291 بازدید
  • Hayda restaurant - Gholhak branch

    Hayda restaurant Gholhak branch has warm sandwich and pizza in addition to cold sandwiches.

    0 دیدگاه 210 بازدید
  • Leon restaurant - Aban branch

    You can have very delicious steaks in any branch of Leon restaurants. Aban branch is located in the city cente.

    0 دیدگاه 234 بازدید
  • Nayeb Saei Restaurant

    One of the iconic Chelo Kabab restaurants of Tehran and undeniably one of the best- certainly best of all the Nayebs which by default puts it within the Capitals top three.

    1 دیدگاه 717 بازدید
  • Narenjestan Restaurant

    Narenjestan Restaurant is a great place with delicious foods, high level service, live music and wonderful atmosphere. It is great for couples for a romantic meal, good for business meetings, and also good for families. Staff are polite and helpful.

    0 دیدگاه 1297 بازدید