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جستجوی #sport-complex

  • Shahid Shiroudi Stadium

    The Shahid Shiroudi Stadium is a sports stadium in Tehran, Iran, currently used only for Athletic competitions. Until 2009 it was used mostly for football matches.

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  • Takhti Stadium

    Takhti Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium, located in Eastern Tehran, Iran. It is used mostly for football matches.

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  • Parand International Karting

    Parand International Kart Racing Complex is situated approximately 35 km southwest of Tehran.

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  • Karting of Azadi Sport Complex

    Azadi Karting is a leading company in sport and entertainment industry, mainly active in design and construction of specific kinds of sports and youth related entertainments.

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  • Enghelab Bowling Club

    Enghelab Bowling Club is located at Tehran, Iran.

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  • Chamran bowling club (Abdo Bowling)

    Shahid Chamran Cultural Sports Complex started its activitiesin a few fields such as Bowling and Billiards .

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