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  • Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini

    Imam Khomeini`s grave is famously cited as the holy shrine in Iran. The holy shrine is situated in the southern part of Tehran near the martyrs` graves in the Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery. This construction is considered as a great and unique building.

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  • Kordan tomb tower

    Tourists who are interested in seeing historical monuments can not travel to Savojbolagh and do not want to visit Sarık to build the 7th-AH century Kurdish shrine. The Kurdish shrine is located 10 km from Hashtgerd in the village of Kordan.

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  • Tomb of Bozarjomehr Qai'in

    Specifications: The building of Tomb of Bozarjomehr Qai'in has been constructed in a chiselled form with a beautiful architecture. The tomb has four porches, and the dome is built up over the porch. The adornment of the dome is one of the most beautiful parts of the building. At the back of the tomb, there is a section on which the monumental monuments are built on.

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  • Ibn Hosam Khosfi's tomb

    The tomb of the prominent poet Ibn Hesam is constructed with a general octagonal form with a dome like a pebble, which is originally the norrogar of the tomb.

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  • Ibn Yamin's Tomb (Miami)

    This magnificent tomb is located in the village of Fermood, on the road to Sabzevar, 100 km east of Miami. In the 45th century, the building was rebuilt and set as a beautiful hexagonal complex on a long hill in the garden with Safa With the new Mahoney style, a library is located there.

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  • Shahrokh Teimouri's Tomb

    Shahrokh Teimouri Maghazz's Tent for Mu'in al-Din Shah Rokh Timurinem is the fourth son of Timur Gurkani and one of his successors and one of the greatest Timurid monarchs.

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  • Shahrokh Mirza's tomb

    Shahrokh Mirza's tomb is a square-shaped building located north of Imamzadeh's Jaffar Damghan courtyard.

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  • Sheikh Ala'd al-Dawlah Semnanis tomb

    This collection was one of the important centers for the gathering of mystics, scholars and poets in the late seventeenth and early eighth centuries AH and due to the importance and respect that the great rulers and rulers of this period have given to the great mystics of Semnan, He has been the leader of their minds.

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  • The Tomb of the Commanders of Makri

    The Tomb of the Makeri Commanders is one of the valuable and historic remnants of the Qajar period in the city of Boukan, West Azarbaijan province. The Tomb of the Sovereigns, with traditional architecture, is located in Bukan Mellat Park, and is visited by tourists as one of the attractions of Bukan Tourism.

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  • Shams Tabrizi Tomb

    Shams Tabrizi tomb is a place of Khoy tourism and pilgrimage in West Azarbaijan province which, according to some locals, is Shams Tabriz's poet, Sufi and Parsigui poet. Shams Tabrizi Tomb has a tower height of 17 meters and Shams Shrine is located 10 meters from the tomb.

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