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  • Khoy Ammadzadeh Seyyed Yaghoub (as):

    The tomb of Emamzadeh Agha Seyyed Yaghoub is located in Taleghani avenue of Khoy. He died in 1354 AD, and his lovers buried him at his home in a beacon alley and built a dome and a bar on it. Gradually the courtyard, porch lunations. An add-on was added to this building

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  • Urumieh Amzzadeh Gharib Hassan

    Ozadeh Gharib Hassan (Imamzadeh Ghareib Hassan) is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Urmia near the villages of Borhanlou and Qureshallo. These Imams are the descendants of Imam Zainal-Abedin (AS).

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  • Bucan's Comprehensive Mosque

    Bokan Mosque is located in the central and ancient part of the city of Bukan and next to the old hill, famous for the castle of Sardar hill. Also, this mosque is one of the major and most important mosques in the West Azarbaijan province.

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  • Mosjid Minaret of Urumieh

    Along with the absence of a minaret in the mosques of Urumieh, there is only one mosque with a long minaret known as the minaret mosque for many years. The minaret mosque is in line with the valuable and historic works of the West Azarbaijan, located on the northern side of Imam Khomeini Street and next to the old school of Hedayat.

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  • Imam Zadeh Aqa Mirhadi (AS)

    In the northeast of Imam Zadeh Seyed Bhlvl Khoi, is a small but magnificent shrine with two minarets and a small dome and beautiful bricks and mirror work. This Imam Zadeh is related to Seyyed Jalil al-Qarq "Allah" and the holy shrine of the public.

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  • Ayub Ansari Tayab monument

    Ayoub Ansari strata is located 13 km south of Takab near the village of Durbash on a high mountain which is believed to be the burial place of Sir Ayub Ansari and hence has a special respect and respect for local people.

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  • Khoi Amzzadeh Seyyed Bhlvl

    Tomb of Imamzadeh Seyed Behlol is located three kilometers from downtown Khoy and on the west side of the city. This tomb is the oldest tomb of Khoy. It is from the exact date of the death of Seyed Behlol (from the descendants of Imam Ali al-Nahi ) And his biography is not known.

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  • Urmia Imamzadeh Barkhaslou

    Imamzadeh Barsaloo is one of the historical buildings of the West Azarbaijan Province, located in the village of Barsaloo, 10 kilometers east of Urumia. Imamzadeh Barkhallo is considered to be the largest and most important pilgrimage of the people of the province, and is based on the period of Zandieh and early Qajar period.

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  • Tazehsshar Imamzadeh Ishaq (AS)

    Tazehsshar Imamzadeh Ishaq is located 5 km from Salmas City and is the burial place of four children of Ali al-Nagi (AS) by the names of Ishagh bin Mahmud, Ibrahim bin Muhammad, Mahmud bin Omar and Jafar Bin Mohammad And the shrine of the lovers of the household is pure and pure.

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  • Masjid Jameh Khorramshahr

    Jame Mosque of Khorramshahr has long been one of the main centers of the city of Khorramshahr, so that it still retains its centrality after the end of the Iran-Iraq war and the complete destruction of the city of Khorramshahr and rebuilds it and stands for the symbol of resistance and resistance of the people Khorramshahr has become a siege and occupation of the city.

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  • Imamzadeh Qasem

    Imamzadeh Qasem in Tehran is a mausoleum and pilgrimage site, which dates back to the 10th century.

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  • Imamzadeh Tahir

    He is the direct descendant of Imam Zainul-Abedin. His rowza is located in the city of Ray near Shah Abdul Azeem.

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  • Imamzadeh Davoud

    Near the peaks of southwestern Mount Tochal in the Alborz mountain range lies the famous tomb of Imamzadeh Davoud, also known as Sharafeddin.

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  • Rajab Ali Mosque

    This ancient Rajab Ali Mosque is located in Boozarjomehri St and in "Darkhangah" sector. The mosque has a vast courtyard with a Shabestan both for summer and winter nocturnal prayers.

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  • Imamzadeh Yahya

    Imamzadeh Yahya is the mausoleum of one of the descendants of the Shia Imams.

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  • Imam Khomeini Mosque

    The Imam Khomeini Mosque is located right inside the Tehran Grand Bazaar and it is one of the most see's of Tehran Tourist Attractions . Imam Khomeini Mosque (also known as Shah mosque) is one of the largest and busiest in Tehran.

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  • Sheikh Abdolhossein Mosque

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  • Ebn-e Babveyh cemetery

    Ebn-e Babooyeh cemetery (also known ax Ebn-e Babveyh, or Ibn-e Baabevey‎‎) is located in Iran in the town of Rey (now inside Greater Tehran metropolitan area).

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  • Moez-ol-Dowleh Mosque

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  • Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine

    Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine is a shrine located near Shahr-e Ray, a southern suburb of Tehran, Iran.

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