Cultural Tourism

  • St. Mary's Church

    There is an abandoned church in the alley called Armenia, Gazarin or Unochu Square, which is less than two centuries old. There is no information about the exact age of the building and the date of 1876, which is seen on its entrance, is related to the year that it was donated to the church.

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  • Meshkinshahr Archaeological museum

    Meshkinshahr Archaeological Museum is one of the active museums of this province in terms of cultural and historical works, and the exhibitions of various artifacts is considerd one of the archaeological excavations of the region, especially the ancient site of Shahriari Pirasmian.

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  • The Museum of Archaeology

    Ardabil Archeology Museum is one of the most important architectural projects in this province.

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  • Manafzadeh House

    Manafzadeh House is one of the memorials of the first period of Pahlavi which is located in Sarcheshmeh Square, Ardabil city.

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  • the barbarian castle

    located in The village of Onar is a castle belonging to the early days of Islam which was used as a place for the defense, transportation and maintenance of supplies and weapons.

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  • Arbil Market

    Ardebils Historical Market is located in downtown and Imam Khomeini Street

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  • Khalkhal museum of archeology

    Khalkhal Archeology Museum is now located at the site of the historic bathhouse of Nasr Khalkhal

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  • Oltan castle

    Oltan castle is the name of the old fortress in northern Ardebil province near Parsabad city.

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  • Buhney Yoghon Castle

    Buhney Yoghon Castle is located near the village of Koor Abaslou, 11 km from Nair and 35 km from Ardebil.

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  • Samian bridge

    Samiyan bridge is located in Mesghin Shahr, about 15 km from the old Ardebil road.

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  • Iranian Art Garden Museum

    This museum includes some exhibitions of historical monuments and ancient Islamic Iranian architecture as well as souvenir shops selling handicrafts and art works.

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  • National Jewelry Museum

    The incomparable "Treasury of the National Jewels", which is open to public, is a collection of the most expensive jewels of the world, collected over centuries.

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  • Takht-e-Rostam

    Takht -e- Rostam (Rostam’s Throne) is a volcanic rock cliff and the ruins of a Sassanid era (224-651 CE) Zoroastrian fire temple located 80 km southwest of Tehran near Shahryar county.

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  • Sepahsalar Mosque (Shahid Motahari Mosque)

    Sepahsalar Mosque, also known as the Motahari mosque, has been named after Martyr Morteza Motahari who was a well known thought leader in 1979 revolution. He has largely contributed to the recent Islamic movements in Iran.

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  • Kolah Farangi Building

    The building was the country's first radio transmission center which had recently undergone renovation.

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  • The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History

    The Iranian National Museum of Medical Sciences History is the first medical museum established in Iran by a joint project between the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

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  • Dr. Sondoozi House Museum

    House-Museum of Dr. Amir Esmail Sondoozi is of the museum in the center of Tehran.

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  • Ebrat Museum

    There is nothing subtle about the Iran Ebrat Museum, a one-time prison of the shah`s brutal secret police that now exhibits that brutality with an equal measure of prorevolution propaganda.

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  • Dr Shariati House museum

    House Museum of Dr. Ali Shariati, the renowned sociologist and thinker of the contemporary era is located in the center of Tehran.

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  • Vaziri Caved Museum

    Vaziri Caved Museum is the first private and personal caved museum in Iran which is directed by Prof. Naser Houshmand.

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