Cultural Tourism

  • House of Mobasheri

    The Mobasheri house is one of the collection of three buildings (Mobashari House, Khadim Bashi House, Sadeghi House), located in the historic parts of Ardebil, the Ochidakan neighborhood.

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  • The house of Asif

    Asif's house belongs to the Asif family and is located at the crossroads of Imam Khomeini in the city of Ardabil

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  • The house of the deceased Marooj

    The house of the deceased Ayatollah Marooj is located on 30m street, before the Armenian neighborhood.

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  • The Old Castle ( kohne ghale)

    The Old Castle is located in a region on the natural hill on the west side of the Khiva Chari river.

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  • Aghlaghan Bridge Nir

    Aghlaghan bridge in Nir the city of Ardebil, parallel to the Ardebil road, is located on the Saraghan river in Sarab.

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  • Tower of Tugril (Tower tower)

    The Tower of Mahmandoust is located south of Mehmandoost village in Damghan city and west of Maghreb, north of Imamabad. The tower was built in the year 490 AH and during the Seljuk period.

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  • The tower of forty girls in Damghan

    The fortard tower of Damghan The brick tower in the west of Damghan is located behind the Tomb of Imam Zadeh Jafar and near Damghan road to Semnan. The people believe that the tower of forty girls was made when they had ceased to be worldly partners and built the tower with mud and clay.

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  • Bastam Tower

    Bastam Tower is a tall and beautiful tower in the south of the city of Bastam and north of Shahrood and the south-east of Bastam Mosque. It is good to know that the tower was registered in 1310 in the list of historical works.

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  • Al-Ahwar Tower

    If you are watching historical monuments and you are accustomed to seeing the historical anthology of each city, we suggest a short trip to Semnan to see the tomb of Pir-Alamdar in this province and in the eastern city of Damghan.

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  • Castle of Padeh

    Pada castle is related to post-Islamic historical periods and it is located in Garmsar district, Aradan district, Pada village, and this work was registered as a national monument on June 25, 2002.

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  • Amir Soleimani Garden

    This garden is one of the oldest gardens of Tehran dating back to Pahlavi the 1st era and or even Qajar era and it is a symbol of a Persian garden indeed.

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  • Navab Bath

    The public bath was constructed below ground level to save energy and tap into groundwater sources.

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  • Persian Garden (Vanak Garden)

    The Persian Garden with an area of approximately 3.4 hectares is located on north Sheikh Bahai Street in District 3 and has been designed in accordance with Persian garden pattern.

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  • Holy Defense Museum

    Holy Defense Museum is located in Vanak square and its mission is to promote Islamic arts which are related to shining period of holy defense.

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  • imam khomeini`s house

    Imam Khomeini`s house was in the Jamaran neighbourhood. This house consists of a single storey building located behind Husseiniah Jamaran.

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  • Hasan Abad

    Hasan Abad is an old and traditional business area within the Moniriyeh district of Tehran, Iran.

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  • Carpet Museum of Iran

    Located in Tehran, beside Laleh Park, and founded in 1976, the Carpet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian carpets from all over Iran, dating from the 18th century to the present.

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  • Iran’s National Botanical Garden

    The herbarium of Iranian plants (TARI) is gradually being built up and now consists of some 160000 numbers. Also there are gardens of non-Iranian plants, including as Himalayan, American, Japanese, African, and Australian species.

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  • Old Tehran House museum

    Kazemi Mansion or Saray-e-Kazemi or Museum of Old Tehran, is one of the old mansions of Tehran located in old Chaleh Meidan district.

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  • The Reza Abbasi Museum

    The Reza Abbasi Museum is located in Seyed Khandan , Tehran, Iran. The museum is named after Reza Abbasi, one of the artists in the Safavid periodThe Reza Abbasi Museum is home to a unique collection of Persian art dating back to the second millennium BC, from both the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

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