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  • Bahram Gasr Caravanserai

    Shah Abbasi Caravansary (gasr Bahram) is one of the observatories of the province of Semnan, which has attracted many astronomers in recent years to observe the central margins of Iran.

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  • Abbas Abad Caravanserai (Miami

    Abbas Abad Caravanserai is located 75 km east of Miami, (Mashhad road) and in the center of Abbas Abad village.

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  • Caravanserai Shah Abbasi Iwanaki

    The building of this Caravanserai consists of stone and brick, with decorative bricks, as well as the shape of the caravanserai in terms of four-fronted architecture, and the caravanserai with a square-shaped plan, east-west, and its entrance from the eastern side of the building The caravanserai also has 24 cellars and 4 beds.

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  • Lasgerd Caravanserai

    Lasgerd Caravanserai is related to the Safavid period and is located along with the pilgrim of Javad Alam Lasgerj and 13 km northwest of Sorkheh city in Sorkheh, Semnan province, and this work was recorded on April 16, 1998 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Sheikh Ala'd al-Dawlah Semnanis tomb

    This collection was one of the important centers for the gathering of mystics, scholars and poets in the late seventeenth and early eighth centuries AH and due to the importance and respect that the great rulers and rulers of this period have given to the great mystics of Semnan, He has been the leader of their minds.

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  • Shahrokh Mirza's tomb

    Shahrokh Mirza's tomb is a square-shaped building located north of Imamzadeh's Jaffar Damghan courtyard.

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  • Shahrokh Teimouri's Tomb

    Shahrokh Teimouri Maghazz's Tent for Mu'in al-Din Shah Rokh Timurinem is the fourth son of Timur Gurkani and one of his successors and one of the greatest Timurid monarchs.

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  • Ibn Yamin's Tomb (Miami)

    This magnificent tomb is located in the village of Fermood, on the road to Sabzevar, 100 km east of Miami. In the 45th century, the building was rebuilt and set as a beautiful hexagonal complex on a long hill in the garden with Safa With the new Mahoney style, a library is located there.

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  • The ancient kharand ambit

    An ancient kharand ambit is one of the ancient regions of the city of Mahdishahr in Semnan province, and this ancient region is located 35 kilometers northeast of Mahdishahr and 51 kilometers north-east of Semnan on the southern slope of the Alborz mountain range

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  • Damghan hesar hill

    Dameghan hesar Hesar hill is located south of Damghan city in Semnan Province. Also, the civilization dates back to the history of this hill from the 4th millennium BC to the first millennium BC and also in the hills of the three distinct floors of the prehistoric period

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  • St. Abraham Church

    The church is dedicated to Saint Abraham. Abraham is Father in Faith of the 3 religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. By choosing Abraham as the patron of the Church, the Dominicans showed their desire that it would become a place of study, encounter, and understanding between people of different faiths.

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  • The Earth Science Museum

    Because of all persons don`t have enough time to spending for dedicates of this science in natural ways therefore museum rule became more egregious. “Earth Science Museum“ is the good window for this varied world.

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  • Bebj Shams Tabrizi Azarbayjan-e-Gharb

    Shams Tabrizi tower built on Mazari attributed to Shams Tabrizi during the Safavid period in Khoy. The remaining miniature documents and photographs of Shams Tabrizi's Tomb in Khoy City indicate that the building originally consisted of three minarets around Shams's grave, which for now only one of the natural reasons has remained.

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  • Sayyid Sadruddin Chaldoran

    Seyyed Sadruddin's Tomb is one of the most important historical and religious buildings in the city of Chaldoran, which is a reminder of the courage and courage of Iranians and has become one of the attractions of Chaldoran tourism.

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  • The Church of the Virgin Mary Maku

    The Church of Ghara (also known as the Church of Tadios or the Church of Tetavos) is the name of a historical church in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran, located 20 km northeast of Chaldoran, alongside a village of the same name. World records of Iran have been recorded by UNESCO Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, also known as the Church of Forces of Doom, is one of the historical churches of the West Azerbaijan, located 12 kilometers northwest of the Church of the Holy See, the church's view is very simple and Only around the windows and lightnings are decorated with false columns that end in a curved arc.

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  • The world of Takht Soleiman Takab

    Takht-e-Soleiman (or Azargushsnab fire temple) is the name of a great historical site located 45 kilometers northeast of Takab in West Azarbaijan province; Tukht-e Solaiman was the largest educational, religious, social and religious center of Iran before Islam. It is now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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  • Stonwriting Kell Shin

    A stone of the Kalash Shin near the Kalushin Village in northeastern Iraq, about 200 meters from the Iranian border, and an important bilingual text has been carved out in Urartu and Assyrian languages (Akkadi). The estimated date of writing this text is around 800 BC!

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  • Khany - Kabiri Khoy Museum

    Kabiri Khoy House or Kabiri Museum is one of the oldest and most valuable historical works of Khoy city located on the Taleghani street of this city on Amir Alley.

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  • Sassanid Khan Takhty sang negareh

    Khanatokhty Sang negareh is one of the historical attractions of the province of Azarbaijan, where one of the victories of the Iranians was depicted on the Romans.

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  • Three domes of Urumieh

    Daghbbd is the name of a tower in the southeast of the city of Urmia, the capital of the West Azarbaijan province of Iran. It was a tomb and was built in the year 580. The dome is a long, cylindrical and circular platform platform. .

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