Big Zahedan Museum

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Zahedan Museum, also known as the Regional Museum of Southeast Iran, aims to introduce a comprehensive and complete definition of the region through the introduction of the south-eastern part of Iran in archeological, anthropological, and environmental areas. Offer.

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  • Address : Zahdan, Shahid Motahari Blvd, Amdad Street

In the great museum of Zahedan, the ancient artifacts of the province, the provincial lining of the province, the local cuisine of the province and the species of the beast of the province are exhibited.
The establishment of a large Zahedan Museum on a regional scale is a necessity in view of the ancient history and history of the province for the presentation and display of the remains of the ancient land of this ancient land.
The museum is the first regional museum in southeastern Iran with an area of 13,000 square meters.

  • Specific information

    The Zahedan Museum has three floors in three main sections: archeology, anthropology and ecology, which introduces cultural and information from archaeological excavations in the cities of Sistan, Baluchistan, Shahdad, Kerman, and scenes of the daily life of the inhabitants of the region. And culture and introduction of native animal samples of three areas of Sistan and Baluchestan, South Khorasan and Kerman according to the history, age, climate, geographical location, climate, art and culture of these areas.
  • Recommendation

    the lateral sections of the Zahedan Museum
    Ramps, Aquarium, Library, Documentation Unit, Showroom, Researchers' Room, Computer Room, Workshops, Technical, Furniture Room, Refurbished Rooms, Reservoir, Photocall, Meeting Rooms, Educational Courses, Spaces Office and open age with a capacity of 150 people

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