History of Kayyar Dehdasht

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: Kayyar's historic bathhouse is located in the western part of the city of Dehdasht and adjacent to the caravanserai. This monument of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyerahmad has been numbered 3555 on the list of historical monuments.

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Kayyar Dehdasht's historic bathhouse consists of a gutter, an interiors and a dressing room and its entrances to the southern part. The entrance is beautifully built and executed by Moghranzar. After going through the corridor we go into the dressing room. This section consists of a large pond below the main dome and two smaller ponds. Around the center of the dock is a platform that has been embedded inside a place for shoes and clothes. The dressing room is covered with large stones.
The basins were built with grit and gypsum and stone and made it through each other through pipes. The dressing room is symmetrical and each side is symmetrical. We use the corridor to enter the sanitary area. This part consists of a dome-covered roof and a number of scores plus reservoirs and water heating ponds.

  • Background information

    : Kayyar Dehdasht's historical bathhouse was fully excavated in the year 77 and there were 78 emergency repairs there. The exterior of the bathroom, located in front of Dehdasht's Caravanserai, has been restored a few times, and the head has been restored in the bathroom, and the stone gutters have been installed and drained around the building.
  • Specific information

    The head is at the entrance of a dome shaped like an octagonal decoration underneath its dome. The middle section, which is located between the gutter and the head, is designed with a twist and prevents direct exchange, heat and direct vision of the gutter. The bathroom heater is lower on the surface of the valley with booths around the pools that have been used for bathing and bathing. After showering water from the well and pond, the water was directed from the outside by a pipe (clay tinctures) to the main part, after being heated to ponds and sanitary facilities and other bathrooms. A fireplace, a fireplace, and a bathroom trowel are located on the back of the gastronomy, after which the hot air was directed along the paths of the cats under the oven through the canals to the roof of the bath, causing the floor to heal and the bathhouse. Kayyar's historic bathhouse is owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization and has an area of 1200 square meters

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