Kashan Tabatabai's Houses

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: Tabatabai's House is one of the historical and beautiful houses of Kashan, which was built in the second half of the 13th century by Haj Seyed Jafar Tabatabai, a Natanzian merchant based in Kashan, in the Sultan Ayur-Ahmad neighborhood. The Tabatabai's house, like other historic buildings of that time, has magnificent decorations, architectural authenticity and design appropriate to the culture and climate of the region.

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  • Address : Isfahan, Bokharayi Street

The Tabatabai home collection consists of 3 external sections of the interior and a special section for the crew. The historic collection of Tabatabai has a total area of 4,700 square meters with 40 rooms, 4 courtyards, 4 cellars, 3 windsurfs and 2 arches of qanats.

  • Background information

    Historical House of Tabatabai, which was purchased by the Board of Trustees of the Restoration and Restoration of Kashan Historical Buildings, and in cooperation with the Municipality and Cultural Heritage of Kashan, with the support of the ministry's officials and mines and metals in 1994-1997, according to the original plan and the first renovation and Was restored.
  • Specific information

    The interior section of the house consists of a simple five-door room in the center and two courtyards on both sides, with cabinets where wind-driven air flows into it, this part of which was the residence of the deceased Tabataba'i family. The northwest side of the yard is bigger and has more rooms and has a separate catering hall. Underneath the section of the interior, especially the central room, there is a large cabinet with its own unique characteristics, due to various factors such as winding, perforated roof, type of materials used in the body, double glazing of the body, the existence of a pond in the center The difference between altitude and altitude of about 8 to 10 meters and the cool breeze that flows from the basement of the central courtyard to the underground has led to the observation of 15 to 20 degrees of temperature difference between the basement and the outside, especially in summer. .
    The exterior of Tabatabai's house in Kashan includes a large hall (Shah's room) in the center with luminaire and lattice windows and double glazed windows that open and close vertically. This room features paintwork, mirror and gypsum boarding, including gypsum lattice windows that look like delicate fabrics. On the two sides of the chamber of chairs there is a set of earrings. In front of the Shah's room, a porch with a mirror and gilding is interesting. On the sides of the big hall, two backyards and light-emitting dome are constructed in the form of symbols of each other, which has redesigned paintings and are considered to be the works of art of this land.
  • Outlook

    Tabataba'i house of Kashan has 5 entrance doors, the main entrance is divided into two internal and external entrances in the eastern part. The cause of the curves and bends of the entrance corridors is to break the height difference and lack direct vision. It needs to be explained that the residential house of the Empress's "Sepideh Kashani", a contemporary poet, is also in the vicinity of the Tabatabai historical home and in the south.
  • More Info

    The architect of the Tabatabai house of Kashan, Professor Ali Maryam Kashani, and the paintings and paintings by students of Mirza Abolhassan Sanni-ol-Molk Ghaffari Kashani, have been under the supervision of this great artist, and the architecture of the Tabatabai house is in the veil architecture, The garden pit is symmetrical and inward. The architecture of the garden pit is the garden of the house in the hollow. In this way, both in terms of strength and earthquake resistance, and as well as facilitating water supply to the building, the moisture content of the building is also used for plant growth. When the building is in the heart of the soil (that is, to be built into the garden pit), the house is also in thermal insulation. Neither the house is warmed up early, nor is it soon cold.