Khosh yeylagh Wildlife Refuge

(29 رای)

Khoshyalyagh Wildlife Refuge is located 47 km from Azad Shahr Road of Semnan.

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  • Address : Semnan - Shahrood - 47 km Azadshahr Road

A beautiful wildlife sanctuary with an area of 1,500,570 hectares; it is situated on a beautiful wildlife sanctuary due to the presence of an ecotone between the desert and forest ecosystems. Ecotone is the boundary between two distinct ecosystems. The most valuable ecosystems in the Caspian Sea are ecotones and are usually of high biodiversity. There are not any rural villagers in the wildlife sanctuary, but important surrounding neighborhoods that can affect the life and ecosystem of the region are: the village of Nārab, Mazaj, Kashidar, Tilabad, Jilan, Khij, Nardin, Reyabad and Kalate khij Township

  • Background information

    This area is among the first protected areas in Iran, which has been protected since 1346 and has been renamed to the wildlife refuge since 1351. The area has been declared a protected area since 1346 and has been renamed to the beautiful Wildlife Refuge since 1351.
  • Specific information

    : Vegetation of the region: type of Gramineh, sagebrush, Astragalus , Scissor, Haloxylon, Oak, Boland Mazo, Hornbeam, Grasshopper, Pyro, Aras and Maymars.
    Mammals: Goat, Rams and Eels, tiger, Cheetahs, Schokka, Wolf, Maral.
    General view: The highlands of the area are mostly located in the northern part of the country, most notably the highlands of Beyraham Sheikh, Olang, Chehel Peq, Jawzak, Tilabad, Ghare Palchag, Hadi Kumar, Gharagh, Pollock and Chilla. In the middle and southern parts of the region there are more or less mountainous such as Qalandar sar, Angilu, Kafir Castle, Rizu and Heidran, Kalateh Bin, Burnt Mountain and Miankooh.
    From the most important plains of the area, the Zardabe plain, which is located almost at the center of the sanctuary, has a great diversity of vegetation and the plain of the stomach. One of the most important landmarks of the region is Shakh Qalandar. Shakh in the local term is refer a rugged ground, to anything firm and hard. The famous canyons include the valley of Zhu, the Golsorkh valley, the valley of Sang Bon, Nergalan, Ghoncheh valley, the chap valley and yurali.
    The Zardabe plain and the Rose Valley are a good place to view the rams, ewe and brown bears.
    The important water resources of the wildlife sanctuary are the lush fountains and shrubs. Sands are natural water resources in the mountain range, with their beds completely rocky, and the water flows into this part due to the rain or the water's entrance to the mountains, and due to the very local climate conditions, the water source in the rocks of the rocks It is kept for a long time. The most important springs of the region include: Zardabe Cheshmeh, sorkhcheshme, Rizu, Kafir Qaleh, Cheshmeh Pari, Cheshmeh Badoo, Cheshmeh and Barbalagh.
  • Must know

    This area is west of the road asphalt Shahrood - Azad Shahr, from the southwest to the Chehel Dokhtar military district and the Jilan plain, and from the east to the road to Hussein Abad - kalpoosh ends.

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