Kolah Farangi Tower in shoshtar

(39 رای)

Kolah Farangi tower is one of the attractions of the city of Shoshtar dating back to the Qajar period; the Kolah Farangi tower was registered on March 25, 1999 with the registration number 2611 as one of the national works of Iran in Shoshtar. . The tower overlooks the Mizan Dam and is known as the Kolah Farangi.

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  • Address : Shoushtar, 17th Shahrivar Square, End of Boulevard Avenue.

From the point of view of the common people about the nature and philosophy of this tower, the tower was the site of the observation of Kaiser Rum or Shapur Sassani to supervise the work of the workers involved in the Mizan Dam.

  • Outlook

    It has an eight-sided tower, each of its sides is between 1.10 to 28.1 meters, and the substructure to which it is located is 4 meters above the ground, and the height of the tower itself It is about seven meters, which seems to have been more than this in the past, but has been decreasing over time as it is destroyed.
    The exterior of the tower is made of cut stone. These rocks have fallen over time, and now only three meters of these stones have been left on the body of the tower. The Mizan dam with its two diagonal sides is almost in front of and facing the tower.

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