Lobster Mard Abad Alborz

(48 رای)

The historical hill of Mahabad is located in the city of Mahdasht. During the archaeological investigations on the hill, cultural materials and pottery collected from it, four cultural periods have been identified on this historic site.

The 4th course of the Alborz man-Abad court is as follows:

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First period: the 5th-3rd millennium BC, the pottery of this period is in red and peppered with black geometric designs.
Second period: The first millennium BC, the pottery of this period is of a gray type with high-profile motifs and has been dug under the edge and body.
The third period: the Sassanid and Sassanid period, the pottery of this period in red and with drawings on the body of the container.
The fourth period: the Islamic period from the 4th to the 9th century AH that the pottery of this period is simple and glazed with green and blue turquoise with simple motifs.

  • Specific information

    The Alborz Man-Abad Mansion Area has an approved and marked area. This ancient hill is numbered 2252 and recorded on 27/10/1377 in the National Iranian Book List.

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