Municipality of Miyarjavah

(7 رای)

Miyarjaveh Arrangement Building is one of the historical buildings and nationally registered works of Sistan and Balouchestan province dating back to the first half, but parts of this historical monument have been restored and restored by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. .

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  • Address : Mir-e-Javah, Farrokhi Sistani Street, opposite the railway station, Mirhavah city hospital building

The old building of Miyarovah is related to the first Pahlavi era and was registered on February 11, 1999 with the registration number 2577 as one of the national works of Iran.

  • Background information

    After the start of the Quetta-Miyrawa railway line at the common border point between Iran and Pakistan, Miyrawa City has been formed and gradually developed and expanded with the construction of a series of administrative, governmental and personal buildings in order to Maintaining the order and security of the newly formed city of Miyazawa was the city police station

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