Museum of Fame and Fame Qa'in

(14 رای)

The Museum of Fame and Fame of Qa'in A collection of life letters, documents, manuscripts, works and works, symbols (national, scientific and literary), tablets and photographs of the scientific, religious and cultural elders of this area. From Iran, it will showcase the land that describes the position and position of these elders in the scientific, religious and cultural communities of Iran and the world.

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The works of the Museum of Fame and Fame of Cain are divided and presented based on the "subject and content". Required sections of the museum include:
Department of Religious and Religious Scholars: This section is divided into two parts of the old and contemporary religious scholars. Among the great ones introduced in the old religious scholars are Haj Seyyed Hassan ibn Muhammad Hosseini Qayni, Mowlana Abu Sufirah, Sultan Mohammad Qa'ini, Seyyed Mohammad Nourbakhsh, Sayyid Abutaleb ibn Abib Torab Hosseini Mojtahed Qayni and Sheikh Abu Abdollah Khazari and ... named
Also, in the section of contemporary religious scholars, people such as Ayatullah Agha Seyyed Ali Mahdavi, Ayatullah Seyyedmurtaji Isfahani (Imam of the Friday prayers of the city of Qain), Ayatullah Mohammad Sadegh Oohadi, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Reza Aminzadeh and Hojjatoleslam Ali Fazel Ghaynei Najafi and ... Introduction be.
Poetry section: From the poems presented in this section to the enthusiasts, one can mention the secretary of Bumerdi, Mowlana Vali, Dashat Beyhati, Durandi Barmoodi, Mohammad Hossein Ghasser Zahani and Qayani series.
Calligraphic section: In this section, a number of well-known Chinese calligraphers such as Mohammad Akbar Maneshi Burmudi, Gholam Hossein Zhani, Holy Ghost, Sultan Mohammad Shahrkhandi, Mohammad Afzal Dashte Biazi and Yaghoub Bin Ishaq Qehestani will be introduced.
Sustainable Faces: This section also introduces survivors such as Prof. Seyyed Kazem Lelli, Fatemeh Saffari, Dr. Hadi Arabi, Dr. Seyed Alireza Mojtahedzadeh, Dr. Reza Zomorodian and Engineer Mohsen Ehtesham and ...
Martyrs' Section: In this section, the famous martyrs of Qa'in, such as Sardar Shahid Mahmoud Kaveh, Sardar Shahid Mohammad Nasser Naseri and Martyr Dr. Mehdi Aminzadeh (Deputy Interior Minister of Commerce) have been introduced.
Department of Emirate and Politicians: This section will also be divided into two parts of the old empire and the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Among the persons introduced in the Imrahs are Abu Mansor Qasim ibn Ebrahim Qayni (known as Abu Zarjmakhr and Baba Abu Zar), Amir Khalil Zikouhi, Qarnni dynasty, the clan of Alam and Haji Haghadad Eslazadeh.
In the parliamentary deputies, representatives who have served honestly in the Iranian parliament for years in the city of Qayyat have been introduced, such as Hojatoleslam Musa Ghorbani.
Education Department: This section also introduces the pioneers of education such as Professor Adib, Professor Azari, Professor O'Hadi, Professor Amiri, Professor Naseh and Master Soltani ... and also introduces the first schools in the city.

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    The Museum of the Celebration of Qay'at is a gift to all the intellectuals and owners of thought and wisdom who, in order to preserve the heritage and honor of the forerunners and the foremen of this land, survive their memorials and revival of the history of this land to promote cultural identity. Take steps.