Palace of Ein al-Rashid

(11 رای)

This palace is located two kilometers to the north of the palace of Shah Abbasi, the palace of Bahram, and is located in the mid-section of the salt lake and the Grand Canal, and has also been nationalized.

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Ein al-Rashid building is 86 meters long and up to 47 meters wide and consists of two large courtyards, the main courtyard is 51.5 meters long and 47 meters wide, as well as the entrance to the main courtyard with a length of 9.7 and a width of 5.4 meters On the south side of the main courtyard is built.

  • Background information

    This inn was built in the Safavid period.
  • Specific information

    On the two sides of the entrance door there are two halls, each with five in the courtyard of the palace, and the height of both halls is 5.20 meters, in the side of both halls there are two rectangular rooms that do not have room for the halls. Specially for the crew, such as the rooms on the south side of the courtyard, there are also the Southern Halls.

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