Parvar protected area

(29 رای)

Parvar protected area located in Semnan province and a small part in Mazandaran province.

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Parvar protected area is located in between two ecosystems of desert areas of southern province of Semnan and forest areas of Mazandaran province and is affected by these two ecosystems with attractive natural appearance and beautiful effects of masterpieces of creation. The Protected Area of Parvar has provided a good habitat for different vegetation and animal species, with the impact of its surroundings and vegetation.

  • Background information

    In 1346 by the High Council for Hunting and Supervising the Catchment of the Provisional Government, the Parvr area, which at that time served as the city of Sari, was approved as a protected area. Of course, around this region has been revised several times, and the current range has remained unchanged, according to the 1355 law from that date to the present.
  • Specific information

    The most characteristic vegetation of the area is oak, maple, beech, Valik, overs, pear, artemisia, thyme, various species of geramineh, hornbeam, barberry and hound`s tongue. The region's most prominent mammals include Maral, Ram, , Shokas, Deer, Brown Bears, Leopards, Hogs, Cheetahs, Panther, Pigs, Sable, Foxes and Wild Cats. Types of Birds, Partridge, Tayho, , Dragonfly, Pheasant, Huber, and ... are kind of birds of the region.
  • Outlook

    This area has a permanent river that originates outside the area from the summit of Nizwa, and then moves out of the west and north and forms one of the branches of the Tajan River. The vast portions of the Protected Area include Aras (Herb) and Hyrcanian forests.
    The villages of Rudbarak, Parvar, Kavard, Tamam, Talagym, Finsk and Mladeh are located there. Natural landscapes, various species of animals including bears, wild cats, numerous villages, various herbs and various monuments, and Ibrahim Khan's palace is one of the attractions of the region's tourist attractions.

  • Must know

    The area is located in the eastern Alborz from the north to the city of Sari and the city of Savadkooh, from the south to the city of Mahdishahr, east to Damghan city, and to the west to Firoozkooh city.

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