Post Museum

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Construction of general post office building, which is a two-floor building with a basement floor, follows a composite German and Persian architecture.

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 Post Museum  Post Museum  Post Museum  Post Museum مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +982166700503
  • Price : Economic
  • Hours of work : 8:30-16:00
  • Address : Emam khomeyni St., Imam KHoemyni Sq., Tehran, Iran

Post part
This part of museum is shown on the first floor, includes chronological history of Iranian postage stamps, horse-carts used in delivering mail; also ancient instrument of post, such as scales and chests are being renovated from different parts of country and 142 subjects of post, prepared to exhibit.

Stamp Part
First Iranian stamp, 4-piece series known as "Bagheri", was printed during Nasereddin Shah, King of Qajar Dynasty. More than 7300 number of stamps from Iran and other countries, point to historical and cultural changing of various clanship, from different parts of the world are exhibited. This part is situated on second floor.

Tele communications
One could see the first Telegraph set, put into operation through a small apparatus, which had been brought to Iran from Europe. It was inaugurated for drawing the attention of Nasereddin Shah (King of Qajar Dynasty), between Darolfonoun school and king`s palace (Golestan).

Telephone, also was employed for the first time by "Kamran Mirza".

Automatic telephone set was first used in 1927, carrier in 1937 and the first overseas contact was made in 1938; as time passed, modern systems of communication were commonly used.

Generally, this part is divided in to three subparts and situated on second floor:

11. Written communication such as Morse and Telegraph.
2. Transmission, includes: copper cables, Micro waves, satellites, multi-works radios.
3. Switches from primary Telephone extended to the most developed of them (Digital switches).

  • Background information

    It had been built from 1928 to 1934, when the Municipality and ministry of foreign Affairs were created. This museum has divided in to three parts and also possesses an audio-visual hall and a library of its own.
  • Metro Imam Khomeiny Metro Station

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