Rafsanjan's old gates and fence

(45 رای)

The remains of the gates and fences from the old city of Rafsanjan are one of the historical attractions of Kerman and Rafsanjan provinces, which was located in the center of Rafsanjan during the reign of Shah Bahram Seljuqi. The Rafsanjan Gate, along with the old fence of this city, is made of brick and mortar and crude.

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The old gate and fence of the city of Rafsanjan, dating back to the seventh century AH and dating back to the age of 750, is known as the Ghotbabat Gate at the beginning of Rafsanjan Banafsheh Street.

  • Background information

    Abbas Fathipour wrote in the book "Rafsanjang Crushed Civilization in the Desert and Descending from the Desert", the vault of beautiful gates and embossments highlighting the body of the two-tiered observation towers of this glorious hadith gate from the past.
    The old gate of Rafsanjan to the gate of Ali Abad on the south side, the gate of Mazar on the north side, Kamal Abad gate located on the east side and the Ghotbabad gate on the western side of the city, and the remaining fence is part of the main fence of Rafsanjan. It is located on the street of justice and the street of Banafsheh.
  • Specific information

    The length of the fence is 5400 meters, the width of the wall is 3 meters and the wall height is 6 meters.
    The foundation of this fence is made from raw clay and layers of dwarf, trampled and straw-colored flowers, and the front of the fence wall in the form of a congress with its special beauty attracts the eye of every passerby.