Shah Alborz

(8 رای)

Shah Alborz is one of the tallest peaks of the Taleghan. It is located on the north side of it, on top of which there are important mountains such as Sayalan Naz and Kahar, Dorfak and Arzhang, and Takht Solayman Mountains. Shah Alborz is located between Taleghan valley and Alamut.

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  • Specific information

    Shah Alborz is the name of a mountain range in Alborz with a height of 4170 meters. This mountain range forms the natural boundary of the provinces of Alborz and Qazvin. Its southern slopes to the Taleghan valley from Alborz province and its northern slopes to the Alamut valley of Qazvin province.
    Cpesification: The northern southern parallel edges and northern lobes are among its mountainous features. The great Taleghan valley is also beautiful and enchanting along the ridge. The vast plains and lush and beautiful villages that cover the valleys from Asfaran to Prachan have a magnificent effect.
  • Outlook

    The presence of the Alborz Mountain Range and the presence of fertile soil and high humidity and the presence of numerous springs have caused the greenery of the area. The fruit gardens of this area include walnut - apple - cherry - pear - olive - hawthorn - mountain barberry - almond mountain and .... Gets There are also plantain trees, mustard as well as herbaceous and medicinal and ornamental plants such as Rhubarb - Trichoderma - Sheng - Chicory - Thyme - Thyme - Barley lion - Yarrow - Brunhasf and Gon and Anemone flowers ... It is part of the vegetation of this region.
    Animal Coverage: Rabbits, hyenas, boars, jackals, wolves, bears and birds such as Eagle, Ebbak, Zagghash, Ghosh and Qubqar Darya can be used by mammals and wild birds that live alongside the Shah Alborz. Named.
  • Best time

    On the winter path after the spring, there is no path along the route, but there is a summer path to the last edge that you can select this time.
  • Must know

    It is better to have advanced ice and snow crews along the way to use Crampons.
    2-Due to the length of the route and heavy plowing, people should have high physical fitness.
    Up to the parts of the route, family climbing is possible.
  • More Info

    Shah Alborz is one of the mountains whose summit climbs a little, because the peak distance to the last village (Hasanjun) is long and about 12 kilograms of air with GPS.
  • Pros

    There are many mobile phone antennas before the night of the day.
  • Cons

    The path does not have shelter, shelter, and relief facilities. But the area is full of security

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