Shahrokh Teimouri's Tomb

(11 رای)

Shahrokh Teimouri Maghazz's Tent for Mu'in al-Din Shah Rokh Timurinem is the fourth son of Timur Gurkani and one of his successors and one of the greatest Timurid monarchs.

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Shahrokh Tejmiori tomb in the courtyard of Emamzadeh and adjacent to it is a four-side brick building with a height of 12 meters.

  • Specific information

    This building has a small, brick-shaped dome and is known as Shahrokh Tejmiori dome
  • Outlook

    This building was in the past of the monastery. On the top of the south of the tomb, the following statement has been added to the tile on the third line: Bana Haza al-Amara Fea ayame dolhe Sultan al-A'zam Shahrokh Bahador Khaldallah malekah