The outside of the Sorkheh dam

(10 رای)

The exterior of the exterior of the exterior is located at the beginning of the Qajar period and is located in Semnan, the outskirts of the Sorkheh dam, next to the Chehelsotun Mosque, and this work was recorded on December 5, 2001 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Address : Semnan – outside of Sorkheh dam

This bathroom consists of two small and large baths that are smaller in size and bathroom with a larger masculine bath, as well as walls made of stone, lime mortar and plaster and ceilings of lined bricks.

  • Specific information

    This building has a dressing room, a communal cabin, a fireplace, a pool of water and a tone
  • Outlook

    The ceilings are all domes, and the chairs that are placed on the bases and supports maintain them, as well as the bathroom has a multiplicity of arches and is based on solid pillars.

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