Yasouj Boyer Ahmad

(22 رای)

: Yasuj waterfall is one of the natural attractions around Yasouj, two kilometers north of the city, with an altitude of about 10 meters. This cascade has road access to asphalt and from the beginning of Nowruz to late October is a good season for fun at the cascade and welcoming tourists.

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  • Specific information

    along the route to the foot of the cascade, a stylish, secluded, and harmonious nature of the area has been built and has given a special beauty to this place.
    This cascade, which is about 10 meters tall, with a forest park on its edge, is home to many guests and travelers every year, enjoying refreshing gardens and flowers, and the natural and healthy natural climate of the surrounding area. .
    Feature: Yasuj waterfall is a front view of the beautiful and pristine nature of the seasonal province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad.

    According to the Tsensim news agency of Yasuj, in the northeast, three kilometers from the city of Yasuj, after passing through the edge of the trees and lush apple orchards, walnut, oak, and sycamore, we reach the cascade, whose cleared springs are dug out from the cliffs of Zagros. Flowing on the rocky bed of the mountain bed reveals some of the beautiful nature of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province.
    Along the way to the waterfall there is a beautiful, cozy, and harmonious nature in the area and has provided a special beauty to this place.

    On the edge of this promenade, there are beautiful pavilions for rest and welcoming invitations to the front of traditional traditional culture and arts of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad.

    The cascade, which is about 10 meters tall, with a forest park on the edge of it, attracts guests and travelers alike every year, from the rich and refreshing gardens and flowers around it, as well as the natural and healthy weather. They take.

    It should be said that Yasuj, the capital of Iran's land of nature, hosts a cascade that brings its sleep from its eyes to the brink of its springs.

    The waterfall of this waterfall is a spiral bed, fruit gardens, lush meadows and colorful flowers that dazzles the eyes of every visitor.

    Here, the sprinkling of the spring from the heart of the generosity of the rocks is a good illustration of coexistence and intimacy.

    The old trees and head to the sky offer a lovely sunny shade to travelers, the water dropping through the rocks and opening a few meters of an umbrella with subtle particles of water over its pilgrims.

    Here you have to listen to the sweet hearts of the winds and the birds, and this joy in the memorable memories.

    The journey to this terrestrial paradise is a journey to the smile of blue that runs on the lions of rocks and rocks. The people of this area, whenever they give up, take refuge in the waterfall and benefit from the gardens and the surrounding climate.

    The beauty of this area is unpredictable in the spring and summer. The presence of various species of birds and the variety of beautiful flowers around it has transformed this waterfall into one of the major tourist attractions of the province and Iran.

    Yasuj next to the Bashar River in several hills at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level. It is located in a cold climate region with temperate, cold-tempered weather, due to the high precipitation of snow and rain.

    This city with its many natural attractions and its tourism and tourist capacity is in need of infrastructure for development and development. Therefore, with the coming of the spring and the arrival of tourists and travelers of Nowruz, as well as in the summer season, this godly blessing with such a beauty And the freshness is struggling with problems that hit the breath in the waterfall and his heart beats slowly sound.

    Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad said: Yasuj waterfall is located 2 km north of the city and has a height of 10 meters.

    Mahmoud Bagheri, pointing out that the Yasuj waterfall has attracted tourists and passengers from the beginning of the year to late October, added: "The road has access to this asphalt cascade, and the necessary welfare services have been built there."
  • Outlook

    : In the northeast, about three kilometers from the city of Yasuj, after passing through the margins of the trees and lush green gardens of apple, walnut, oak, and sycamore, we reach a cascade, whose clear springs are sprinkled from the rugged mountains of Zagros, and jumped over the chest Mountain rock displays the beautiful nature of the province.
    The main water resources of Boyerahmad city are Bashar river and Quebecian river (Dasht-e-Roman). Bashar river originates from the southeast and north-east of Yasouj city and is near the Yasouj city and in the northwest after merging with the river of Quebecan and Khersan. The southwest side continues the route and eventually joins the Karun River on the border of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. The Quebecan River originates from the mountains around the Sargchineh and Sepidar area, twenty kilometers south of Yasouj, and then joins the Bashar River with its springs and rivers on its way, near the Quebecan section and in a region called Doğuran. The most important altitudes of this city are the Chal Kolah, Mount Hajjal, Kuh-e-water Nahr, Domazah, Vesz, Duphest, Pazzan, Callos, Kachian, Shirkash and Tamer. The new and beautiful city of Yasuj is lined with rocks in the Zagros rock and in the lobelia of the dense and lush green oak forests.
  • Best time

    From the beginning of Nowruz to late October, is a good season for fun at the cascade and welcoming tourists.
  • Facilities

    : On the edge of this promenade, the Sokwandis and Pavilions are set up for rest and welcoming tourists and travelers, with every corner of the traditional culture and art of traditional Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province.
  • More Info

    Yasuj is the capital of Boyerahmad city and is located in the northeast of the province. Before the creation of the city, about 6 kilometers away, it was an old town called "Tel Khosrow", once the center of the influence of the reader of Boyer Ahmad Alayeh. Now, with the exception of scattered hills and a village, there is no other work left. Tel Khosrow is more than two thousand years old. Yasuj beside the river Bashar in several hills at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level.

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