amamzadeh Ali Sirjan

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Abolhassan Ali Ibn Ebrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Musa al-Qazim (peace be upon him), who is known as the great Sirjan by Imam Zadeh Ali (AS); one of the buried Imam Zadeh near Sirjan city of Kerman province, which coincides with the peak Abbasid power was living.

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Imam Zadeh Ali (as) was the son of Imam Musa Ja'far, who died in Sirjan. The magnificent monument of this magnanimity, which hosts many pilgrims each year, also has many innumerable guesthouses. Also, this Imam has many endowments, such as the gardens of the bayonets and even the ice cream factory.

  • Background information

    Nasab Sharif Ib Abul Hasan Ali ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Abeed Ibn al-Imam Musa al-Qazim (peace be upon him) lived in Sarijan and had a son named Abu Ja'far Muhammad, whose mother was a slave from the Sindh of Kabul, only his daughter, Umm al-Hussein. Imam Fakhrrazi dies in 606 AH. While introducing Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Musa bin Ja'far (PBUH), the father of this Imam Zadeh, writes: He has four male male generations who are: 1- Mohammad Ghasher 2-Abolhassan Ali 3- Moses Arjani = Behbahani 4-Ahmad, all of whom were in school. He adds that from the generation of Ali ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Imām Musa (pbuh) in Sirjan, there are people who have been involved in the subordination of Sadat there, the same is said by other scholars, that is, The consensus and consensus of all scholars on the migration and the integrity of this Imam Zadeh is in Kerman. The late Ayatollah Marashi also wrote about the genealogy of Ali's Imamzadeh: "Imam Zadeh Abolhassan Ali, a resident of Sirjan, has the same functions as Kerman and his grave. Dr. Bastani Barazi wrote about Imamzadeh Ali: "The city of Sirjan was in the fortune around this castle ... There is a Imamzadeh called Ali Imamzadeh and respected by the people of Sirjan, especially the villages and villages of Bloor and Elik. This monument has many endowments and rivals, including the free Islamic Sirjan Building, the Ice Factory, and the other three-story building, and one hundred acres of polarized lands that have been blessed by the deceased Gubbi's successors to the Imamzadeh Ali's entourage
    Abolhassan Ali Ibn Ebrahim ibn Muhammad Ibn Musa Kazem at the height of power simultaneously with the Imamate of Imam Ali Neghi (PBUH) coincided with the caliphate of Mutawakil Abbasid. Imam Zadeh Ali (AS) has migrated to Sirjan during this period, according to the book of Ayān Al-Shiite, the great Father of Imam Zah Ali (peace be upon him), has been Abraham Mojib. This great Imam Zadeh has been the leader and the leader of the people in this city for many years. They have been buried in this place after the end of their life. Children and descendants He has also lived in the area for years now, where he died and landed Have been deposited.

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