A protected region Anjrk and rober, Kerman

(40 رای)

Anjar and Rabar protected hunting area is located in Kerman province. The hunting area of ​​Anjar Rabbat was selected and protected in 1366. The highest peak of this region is 2809 meters high

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From the wildlife to the hunted area, the Anger and Rober can refer to the whole and the goats, rams and ewes, leopards, hogs, hyenas, and birds such as Quebec, Tayho, Buckhorn, wild pigeons, eagles and various bird species.

  • Specific information

    The hunted hunting area has the potential to produce plant and animal species and has valuable hunting grasshoppers.
  • More Info

    Due to the existence of various protected areas in the city of Rabar, and despite warnings from the environmental department, farmers in wildlife reproduction season are hunting wild birds in the way of trapping and rearing, which has caused the generation Some birds face a serious threat. Recovery is one of the most common and common methods in this area that has caused irreparable damage to wildlife. The exploiters use this live bird as a prey to trap other birds, which threatens the extinction of the generation of some birds and animals.

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