AMAMZADEH Sultan Ibrahim (as) Izeh

(48 رای)

Sultan Ibrahim The name of the Imam is in the city of Izeh, located in the district of Susan. Imam Zadeh Sultan Ibrahim (AS) Izeh is one of the most famous Imam Khuzestan's pilgrims, pilgrims and pilgrims sailing to visit Imamzadeh.

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  • Address : Khuzestan, Susan city

Imam Zadeh Sultan Ibrahim is buried in the great mountain range, 2200 meters high and is named after him, and far away this Imamzadeh and its mountains are full of woods and beautiful landscapes. Also, the eyes of this mountain is the famous Imamzadeh spring, and its water flows from the southern slopes of the mountain to the Karta Valley and westward to the Karoon.

  • Background information

    The name of the village where this Imam Zadeh is buried is Karta, and the people of this village are all from Sadat and descendants of this Imamzadeh. The people of Bakhtiari land have a special dedication to this Imam. So much so that they swear by the name of this Imam Zadeh in their speeches. Even a car can be found in the name of this Imam Zadeh. He is considered to be Sultan Ibrahim Mortaza ibn Abdullah ibn Hamza ibn Musa ibn Ja'far, the descendant of Imam Musa ibn Ja'far, the seventh Imam of Shiites.
  • Specific information

    A building built on the tomb of Imam Zadeh, Sultan Ibrahim, has remained in the old days. This barrage, which is in the form of a sugar beet, is made by the command of one of the Bakhtiari chains and by his own efforts. For the pilgrimage of this courtyard, you have to go to Iece to avoid the road because of the mountainous nature of the route. Until a few years ago, the car went to the nearby Karta village and on this side of the lake of Shahid Abbaspour dam, which had to cross the dam lake to reach the Imamzadeh boat. Now from another path, you can go by car, to the side of the street.
  • Outlook

    Imamzadeh Sultan Ibrahim's deaths can be conveyed by the fact that dozens of healers, framed by a brief summary of their lives and the type of healing in this area, framed it in the Imam Zadeh courtyard and hang on the wall.
    _ Terms of Use There are several ways to access Sultan Ibrahim's cell:
    - Through the village of Ten Sheikh in the village Suzanne by boat.1_
    - from Golzar Road road, where several phases have been paved.
    - through the Shahid Abbaspour Dam by boat .3_
  • Recommendation

    The spring of this mountain is known as the Imamzadeh spring, and its water flows from the southern slopes of the mountain to the Karta Valley and to the west to Karoon.
  • More Info

    Around this Imamzadeh and its mountains is full of woods and beautiful landscapes that suffer travelers suffering from the journey to spend hours visiting these areas and the pilgrimage of Imam Zadeh Sultan Ibrahim in their memories.

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