Abadan Rangooni Moshad

(39 رای)

Rhonni Mosque with Islamic roles and drawings is one of the most famous mosques in Abadan, which is similar to Indian temples. The Abadan Rangoon mosque has now become one of the city's most impressive works.

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  • Address : Khuzestan - Abadan - Southwest of Abadan Refinery

Rangoon mosque Abadan was built by the demand of a number of Sunni Muslim subcontinent inhabitants of India, mainly immigrants from the Rhund of the capital of Myanmar who worked at the Abadan oil refinery, which is why the name of the Rangers mosque is laid.

  • Specific information

    One of the interesting points in the construction of the mosque is the roof of the mosque Abadan, a combination of oil pipes, railway rails and armature, which plays the role of beams in the oil pipes and main rails. The integrity and harmony of the structure against the bearing of the beams is very surprising.
    The Rhubarb monuments are not only closed at all times, but the strangest restoration has surprised many cultural heritage lovers.
  • Outlook

    Rangoon Mosque, in the style of the subcontinent of India, with its beautiful and adorned glued and unique cement arrays with a nave, a main courtyard and a forbidden place in the forehead of the "Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim" verse. Custodian of Sheikh Abdul Rashid Mandel mosque, and his convent was His Sheikh Ghadiri, Haj Aqa Rong and then Muhammad Aslam Raja
  • More Info

    This monument has been registered as a national monument in the list of national monuments on April 9, 1999 to number 2289.

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