Abadan Museum

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Abadan Museum is one of the oldest Iranian museums that opened in 1338 with a collection of works from our period of prehistoric, historical, and works of the late periods to the Qajar period as well as works by artists from traditional workshops.

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  • Phone Call : 06314422477.
  • Address : Khouzestan Province, Abadan City, North Boarde Township, Southwest Side of Oil Department (Shahid Tondoogan Petroleum Engineering Faculty), Moallem Blvd. and Ahmad Abad Ave. 15 (Ahmad Abad Lane 15).

The Abadan Museum building was inspired by the traditional architecture of Iran. This building has a dome at a height of 22.5 meters, which is influenced by the tomb of Danial Nabi Shosh. The museum building has one class. The building had four chambers at the beginning to display the collection of works of archeology, anthropology, and national arts. Cone dome consists of 8 main columns, these columns are connected at the top.

  • Specific information

    The Abadan Museum has a main hall and two courtyards. The main hall; the location of the museum's works is one of the works of Shosh (first millennium BC) and works of the Safavid era and Qajar era. The works of anthropology and traditional arts are in this collection. One of the junior halls is dedicated to the Temporary Exhibitions Hall and forms the next Hall of the Forum as the library and community hall.
  • Outlook

    The main entrance of the Abadan Museum was inspired by the Tomb of Daniel the prophet in the city of Susa, and this conglomerate of twenty-two meters and fifty centimeters consists of eight main columns, founded. The main building of the Abadan Museum is constructed on one floor and the right side hall is transformed into the Museum of Anthropology and Clothing of the People of Khuzestan and the Arab, Bakhtiari, Qashqai, Sabian, Mandaean, etc. In the center of the hall there is a replica of Abadan Refinery.
    The main hall of the Abadan Museum, with an approximate area of 240 meters, includes works from ancient Iran to the late Qajar period. Some of the works of the Abadan Museum are: bronze idols, hobbies, horse ridges, animal sculptures (Ilam and Lorestan), a gray-colored spherical dish made in a caster, bronze and etc.
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