Abbas Abad Caravanserai (Miami

(8 رای)

Abbas Abad Caravanserai is located 75 km east of Miami, (Mashhad road) and in the center of Abbas Abad village.

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The plan of the caravanserai is rectangular and has four portico type, and its area is over 8500 square meters.

  • Background information

    The history of building of this inn is related to the Safavid period, which has been restored during the Qajar period.
  • Specific information

    This inn consists of two eastern and western entrances with its main entrance on the eastern side, and also in the middle of the courtyard of this inn for the purchase and sale of caravan's goods, as well as around the courtyards of the rooms, verandahs and platforms, and in Behind the rooms of the camper.

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