Abbasir Mount Golz-e-Dhana, Dena

(20 رای)

: Bashar Kouh Golna Dena is located in the territory of tha Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmed Province and is considered one of the magnificent natural attractions of Zagros. . The waterfall runs down the Strait of the same name. To reach the Kuh-e-Gul waterfall, you must cross the dirt road. The water that flows from it will recollect the hilarious music of nature.


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Mountain Gol is part of Dina nature located near the city of Sisakta in Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province, which has mineral springs, seasonal lakes and mud-covered slopes, as well as the name of the river that springs from above sources. This beautiful area is located 8 km east of thirty hard and 44 km from the center of the province. The mouth of the Flower Mountain at 3500 meters above sea level has a very beautiful view.

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    The Kuhghal waterfall is located 8.5 km east of the north of the east and at the end of Mount Gol. Dashtak C is another nice and cozy area for temporary accommodation and passengers, a small plain between 8 km west of Thirty hard and in The slopes of the mountain range are Dana. This beautiful and amusing place is covered with oak trees and can be seen there because of its rich soil, wheat fields, peas and lentils, it can be seen at the end of the dashboard, which is another attraction of this area. The outstanding feature of the dashteck is the presence of forested woods from the oak.
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    Dena County, a province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad, has many attractions that attract many nature lovers every year.
    City of Thessaloniki Downtown Dena, located 35 km from Yasuj, the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahma Located on the slopes of Mount Dena, this city has an unrivaled tourism ecotourism and is considered one of the tourist hubs of the province.
    It has pristine natural landscapes and sparkling springs, which strikes the eye of every visitor.
    The clean air of the city of Thessaloniki has been integrated with the art of the nature painter, creating a dreamy atmosphere for travelers and tourists.
    The spring is rich in flavors of apple blossoms and Chowil and Thyme herbs. In the summer, the vineyards of the vineyards and gardens of this city invite everyone to think in the beauty of God's creation.
    The city of Thirty is located in the northern and northeastern part of the province, and is limited to the city of Lordegan to the north, to the east to Semirom, to the south to Boyer Ahmad, and to the west to Kohgiluyeh.
    The dense peaks of the Dena River originate from high-water streams and springs, which water wells down the slopes.
    The permanent springs flowing from the snowy Dena Mountains have made the area water-supplying, and in the warm season it has a temperate climate.
    The natural attractions of this city include the mountains of Kuh Gol, Dashtak, Bijan Historical Corners, Dena Protected Area, Cheshme Mishi and Mount Dena mountain peaks.

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