Afzal Shoshtar Caravanserai

(52 رای)

Afzal Shoshtar Caravansary is one of the historical attractions of Khuzestan and is related to the Qajar period, which is traditionally based on traditional architecture. Shushtar's inn consists of one floor or shelter (underground) and one of the safest Shushtar caravansaries, which has remained largely invulnerable to occupation.

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Afzal Caravanserai Shushtar is located on the western side of Taleghani Street - Paving Stone. This inn has been built in the Qajar period. In the past, it has been the center of grain distribution.
The total area of the Afzal Caravansary building is 1000 square meters and the new brick building on the southern side is 350 meters. This building has been registered on the National Catalog No. 7940 and has private property

  • Specific information

    The caravanserai is a traditional architectural style built periodically and consists of a floor with a shelter (underground). The courtyards are built on a terrace in 3 directions north, east and west, which is higher than the central courtyard level. The number of rooms in The area of the courtyard and the nursery is 26 rooms. The total area of the building is 1000 square meters and a part of the new brick on the south side is 350 meters.
    The head at the entrance and the walls of the interior are decorated with brickwork and columns with ornaments similar to Mogharnas. And it has wooden door with decorations.

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