Aghlaghan Bridge Nir

(11 رای)

Aghlaghan  bridge in Nir the city of Ardebil, parallel to the Ardebil road, is located on the Saraghan river in Sarab.

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Aghlaghan bridge has 4 fountains in a cavernous manner. In addition to the large arched fountains, three small fountains have been opened to the bridges to reduce the weight of the bases.

  • Background information

    The history of this historical bridge dates back to the Safavie era. The building was restored In 1377
  • Specific information

    Local people also call this historical bridge the Red bridge, which is named after the red bricks used to build this bridge. This building has been registered with the number 2558.
  • Outlook

    The bridge is 38 meters long; 5 meters wide and 5.5 meters tall. The foundations of this bridge are 1/40 cm high with shiny limestone grommets and on both sides has polygonal splitters with different sizes.
  • Must know

    This bridge is located on the river Nir and is a rout used for people to cross.
  • Source

    Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism - Islamic Republic News Agency

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