Aghpepeh Alborz

(50 رای)

Aghpepeh Rostaye is a town in the south of Mehrshahr Karaj, in the south of which is an ancient hill with the same name. The ancient site of Aghpipe Karaj dates back to the third and fourth millennium BC.

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This hill has been the site of settlement and settlement of different tribes. By studying samples of collected clay from the hill, four civilizational and cultural periods have been identified on this historical site as follows:
The first period: prehistoric culture from the 4th to 3rd millennium BC with red and chalky pottery and black geometric patterns.
Second period: Gray pottery of a simple type with grooved decorations and highlighting under the edges and body of the dishes.
Period 3: Historical culture with peppery pottery.
The fourth period: the Islamic culture of the era, the pottery of this period is simple and relevant to the early Islamic centuries.

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    This historic hill has been registered on 2257 dated 27/10/1377 in the national list of Iran.

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