Ahmad Shahi Pavilion

(33 رای)

Ahmad Shahi Pavilion (Koushk-e Ahmad Shāhi‎) is in Niavaran Palace, in the Niavaran complex in north of Tehran. The Pavilion was built at the end of the Qajar era as Ahmad Shah's dwelling among Niavaran garden. Ahmad Shahi Pavilion was constructed as a two story building in the surrounds of 800 squre meter of land.

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  • Ahmad Shahi Pavilion
  • Ahmad Shahi Pavilion
  • Ahmad Shahi Pavilion
  • Ahmad Shahi Pavilion
Ahmad Shahi Pavilion Ahmad Shahi Pavilion Ahmad Shahi Pavilion Ahmad Shahi Pavilion مشاهده گالری


  • website : www.niavaranmu.ir
  • Price : Economic
  • Hours of work : 9:00-17:00
  • Address : Niavaran St., Bahonar St., Tehran, Iran

The first floor of the pavilion includes of a hallway with a pond made of marble stone in the middle with six rooms and two corridors around. Ornamental items made of silver, bronze, ivory, wood and souvenirs from different countries such as India, paintings, medals, etc. have been exhibited in this palace. Also other items plus decorative mineral stones, a stone from Moon, different plant and animal fossils are kept in this pavilion. The 2nd floor of this building includes of a middle hallway and a four sided veranda. All around the major hall, which was used as the song room, wooden shelves have been set. Surrounding the veranda, shelter is provided by six square brick columns and 26 round gypsum columns. The gypsum work pattern of lion and sun can be visible on the northern wall of the veranda.

  • Background information

    The Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, after refurbishment and interior additions, was utilized as the house and workplace of Reza Pahlavi by wholly altering its furniture during the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
  • Specific information

    Ahmad Shahi Pavilion is close to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's dwelling, Niavaran Palace and the oldest building there, Sahebgheranieh Palace.

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