Ahwaz White Bridge

(9 رای)

Ahvaz White Bridge or Suspension Bridge is one of the famous bridges of Ahwaz city, which is also one of the symbols of this city. Now the white bridge has become one of the attractions of Ahwaz tourism, especially since the bridge lighting is beautiful and eye-catching at night.

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The White Bridge was built in 1315 on the Karun River, which has two concrete arches of 12 and 20 meters.

  • Background information

    The White Bridge test lasts for four hours and a half, and finally it was delivered on September 30, 1315, with a delay of more than seven months, with a twenty-four-month guarantee and a useful life of fifty years.
  • Specific information

    German engineering, together with his engineer's wife, began to build the bridge and succeeded in bringing up one of the creeps successfully, but the British ruling the oil company at that time provided the equipment to the builder of the bridge. The carburettor, with which the first crescent had been raised and restrained, took back that the British practice had caused the German engineer to build the bridge. But after a while, finally, the German engineer, with the earliest possible means of that time, and the use of a couple of berths instead of a crane, mounted a second crescent on the Skeleton Bridge, finishing the building and preparing the bridge ready for delivery and exploitation.
  • More Info

    1. There is no more than one car on the bridge when moving.
    2. There are not a few carriage behind the bridge.
    3. The maximum speed of the car on the bridge is 5 kilometers per hour.
    4. Therefore, the traffic of people from Ahwaz to the new city began.

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