Al-Ahwar Tower

(34 رای)

If you are watching historical monuments and you are accustomed to seeing the historical anthology of each city, we suggest a short trip to Semnan to see the tomb of Pir-Alamdar in this province and in the eastern city of Damghan.

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Tomb of Pirim Alamdar located in the Khorya neighborhood near Jame Mosque and Haj Fath Ali Bey School where Muhammad ibn Ibrahim, the father of Abu Habbakhtyar, nicknamed Pierre Almdar, was ruled by the governor of Qomes in the reign of Mohammad Ghaznavi, and also this tomb in the year 1310 was registered on the National Iranian Book List.

  • Background information

    This tomb was built in the 417th Lunar
  • Specific information

    The most significant part of the tomb is on the margin of the arch, that is, the decorative inscriptions on which the remnants of beautifully crafted writings can be distinguished. The entrance of the tomb is a rectangular frame that includes the porch and columnar columns, as well as the first thing Which will attract attention in the tomb of the old scientist, is a script written in the Kofi script.
  • Outlook

    The upper part of the tower consists of 7 stripes with beautiful decorations of bricks and a sculpture that has flown around the shape of the tower, as well as images depicted in the corners of the shrine, worked in two geometric and longitudinal ways. The cylinder body of this tomb has two sections, the lower part of which is about half the total height of the tower, has a simple, unbranded bricks, and only a gateway to the building, which changes with its decorating the uniformity of the tower's surface.
  • More Info

    The exterior of the tomb with its domed bronze dome is one of the most valuable examples of the architecture of the 5th century AH of Iran, as well as the height of the dome of this tomb is 13 meters, its internal diameter is four and a half meters. And also the building inside and outside It has a circular design and its entrance to the southwest towards the mosque and courtyard.

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