Alborz Larkar mountain

(7 رای)

The peak of Lavar is about 3560 meters above sea level in the highlands of northern Tehran and in the mountain range of the resort; this mountain is one of the sources of the river Khan

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Lakar Peak is one of the high mountains of the Tochal mountain range located in northern Tehran. The best way to reach this summit is from the village of Randan, located 20 kilometers from the capital.

  • Outlook

    From the summit, you can see the beautiful scenery. If you are in the middle of the ridge, you will be seen in the east and in the distant top of the resort, and your west is also a well-known rider. In the past, this cemetery has been an important transit route between the two major areas of the city and the Sulaghan region (Ken, Sulaghan, Rondon, Taloun and Sangan), which is believed to be the transit point of north rice to Tehran. After the crescent, peaks of three stones and minarets, and finally cute and rugged peaks in the far west.
  • More Info

    The names of the peaks and the famous points of the western tip of the resort, which start from the top of the resort with a height of 3950 meters and extending over 30 km to the Chalous road (sleep bridge), are as follows:
    Resort Peak, Shahstani Peak, Basarak Peak, Peak Lavark, Famous Cemetery, Three Rock Peak, Peak Manar and Mirud Village.
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