Ali Abad Cistern

(7 رای)

This water storage is related to the Qajar era and is located alongside the ice rink of Ali Abad. The area of ​​this waterfall is 6 meters in 20 meters, and its crescent-shaped roof is 5 meters high, as well as a row of stairs from the room near the water storage to the floor of the water storage.

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This water storage near the main road of Aradan to Semnan is located at the beginning of the Aliabad communication road, which is attributed to the Qajar period, as well as the architect of the late Hajj Gurban Memarian who was one of the architects of the region's name.

  • Specific information

    : Staircase cover, staircase roof and its general form with carpet bricks are also part of the deck and staircase, the roof being multiplied by a mattress fabric.
  • Outlook

    This Cistern has all the characteristics of the water in the warehouses of the area, including the harbor, the pond, the reservoir and the stacked reservoir, as well as the water reservoir with congress brickwork and in part . other geometric shapes are prominent, but one of the other factors of visual decoration can be pointed out in the form of a staircase of its reservoir cover.

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