Amamzadeh Seyyed Mohammad Bardsir

(49 رای)

Imam Zadeh Seyyed Mohammad Bardsir is one of the most famous mosque of Kerman province, which has the largest dome of the country after Soltanieh, and the tallest minaret in the country with a height of 74 meters with a magnificent work and the best kind of mosaic tile. In addition to that, the door and gate of this Imam Zadeh has been done.

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Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad (PBUH) is being tortured and persecuted because of the intense opposition that he had with the ruler and he comes to Fars province with some other brave brothers and militants and invaded in Shiraz, and some of them In Shiraz, they are martyred and some seek refuge around Fars province and around Darab, and Seyyed Mohammad migrated to Sirjan with some others to migrate to Bardsir to attend the gathering of Shiites, and they, for some time unknown and unknown, sought to promote the pure Mohammadi (PBUH), they pay special attention and pay special attention to them. Dome and meets the wishes and needs and problems is the real question.

  • Background information

    In the case of his death and testimony, the following is quoted from the book of al-Talib: Seyyed Mohammad ibn Ja'farabon Muhammad, who was arrested and wounded by Kharijites and killed in Bled Kerman, drove them down for 40 days to lower the body. At that time, an earthquake settled and someone named Ibn Adham spoke to him and told the killer Tahfat al-Zahar as a man named Abu al-Sarayya, and told his mother as a woman from Ansar and mentioned that they were crossing a group of the insurgents who were not uprising and testifying to her. They brought it to their place

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